Lying a few miles off the east coast of Malaysia and just south of the Thai border, Pulau Redang successfully meets most peoples’ idea of what a tropical paradise island should look like.

We stayed at the Berjaya Resort – Redang; which looks after you very well and takes away all the bother that I’m sure would go with a true desert island.

The seas are blue – in various shades, crystal clear and full of fish, the beaches are powdery and white and the jungle comes right to the waters edge.

The main route to Redang is by ferry from Terengannu on the mainland (Air Asia and FireFlyz cover the route), but a slightly more attractive option – especially on short breaks – is the Berjaya Air flight from KL Subang direct to the island’s small airport; this option can save hours and whilst mainly for guests of the Berjaya Resort, it is availbale to people staying on the other beach as well. If you are taking this option you will need to agree a pick up with the hotel; they collect you from the airport, take you to a nearby kampung and transfer you the last bit by sea. Guests to the Berjaya Report arrive on the islands only road.

Wherever you choose to stay it would be wise to book in advance; options are limited and finding yourself on the island with nowhere to stay would be a disaster.
Just today (May 2010), the local government has announced plans to limit development on Redang and limit annual visitors to 160,000, probably for the best…

Despite the views above water, the main attraction lie beneath the waves; the whole area is a marine park and very accessible, even a few meters from the beach you can find lots of fish.

Any hotel can arrange snorkeling or diving trips (including PADI courses), and will take you to good viewing spots. We visited the neighbouring Turtle Bay and true to its name I did see a turtle swimming along – bit too fast for me to capture him on film unfortunately.

Being tropical there are also perhaps less welcome residents:

this swam right by me…


Redang International Airport – Departures Lounge

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