Travel money tip

A warning: since most of us no longer bother with Travellers Cheques, instead using ATM withdrawals, it pays to be prepared… Have at least 2 accounts with separate banks (and with funds in them) and also have some cash.

In the last 24 hours I have had 2 accounts blocked for attempting to withdraw over the daily limit (not much over, but hard to calculate when in a foreign currency and needing to factor in their fees), also each bank has their own limits – no explanation given, just blocked.
All cleared after calls to the bank – £1.49/ minute to listen to how important my call is, and they will get right to me ASAP – or at least it would be, if I wasn’t able to call via the internet – another handy tip (

Depending on where you are this could cause severe difficulty… have at least 2 working accounts.

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