This happy breed

Whizzing about the land – as I seem destined to do for the foreseeable – I get a series of ‘snapshots’ across a broad spectrum, for example:

2 weeks ago, in Glasgow someone tried to tap me for 50p for the bus home – this week in London; ‘can you spare a fiver mate?’… that’s the cost of living difference.

There is a lot to moan about regarding life in the UK; increasing levels of habitual rudeness, the price of gas, fortnightly bin collections, general speed of life etc etc, But consider for a moment one of the ‘grails’ we hold to be true (or certainly I do); life on the Continent and in many other countries is better…

Well, is it?

Turns out the French are all miserable gits, who take themselves far too seriously, can’t cook and have lost the plot – the opinion of the French cultural attache to England – not mine…

Corruption in Italy is reaching new levels; check out the football crisis for an example.

Spanish property prices are plunging as I write (that’s why there are all those adverts on TV) and the weather has been rubbish recently.

The USA is run by an idiot – who probably can’t walk and chew gum – and is heavily influenced by a bunch of often hypocritical, religious zealots.

Parts of Australia are so short of water that they are considering recycling sewage, gardens are parched and even personal showers are now limited – which, apart from the obvious, will mean that their joke catalogue has been halved; the one about where do the English keep their valuables: under the soap – will have to go on the back burner.

Meanwhile, back in Blighty; we have sunny days (OK, I wrote this a few weeks ago), plenty of water and Blair is finally about to leave us all in peace. Our food is better and more varied than ever and despite the fact that Big Brother has started again we do have the best TV in the world.

Its a Wonderful Life

(Photo courtesy of Happy Poster Project – click it to go there)

So maybe its not all bad; but before I’m accused of going all Mrs Miniver – I’m still taking every chance to get out of the country…

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