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Scenes from Madrid – Austerity Protests

For a few years now almost everywhere I go has some anti-austerity protests going on.

Things seem difficult in Spain at the moment and there is a massive 27% unemployment rate, well over 50% for under 25 year olds. People complain about rising costs, government cutbacks, and generally about how difficult it is to get work; there are some unlikely people in low paid jobs simply because that’s all that’s available.

But life goes on, and the streets and bars are busy, if perhaps more focused to the weekends. If you have work, things are not too bad, but there is concern about the future and what it will hold: on a personal and national level. Prices seem to be coming down in restaurants and bars – and this is not a bad thing, too many places got away with massively inflated charges for too long – a ‘reset’ was overdue and it seems to be happening.

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Madrid Austerity Protests - May 3013

Madrid Austerity Protests – May 3013

Madrid Austerity Protests - May 3013

Madrid Austerity Protests – May 3013

Valencia: street art

There seems to have been a rise in graffiti since my last visit; not much of it political, which is perhaps surprising given the economic situation – quite a lot of it is quite good…

Valencia: Bioparc

Just on the outskirts of Valencia is the Bioparc, it’s within walking distance of the city centre and well worth a visit. The animals are in naturalistic settings and sometimes you can even enter the pens with them (the Lemurs).

Travels this week: Valencia

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