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Gloucester Cathedral & Tewksbury Abbey

Despite being almost 1000 years old (since building began), Gloucester Cathedral is quite a contemporary place and features some wonderful modern additions, such as the blue stained glass windows in a small chapel behind the altar.

At the moment they are hosting an exhibition called Crucible 2 featuring work by many contemporary artists – including Anthony Gormley. Crucible 2 runs until the end of October – get there if you can.

Gloucester Cathedral - Cloisters

Gloucester Cathedral – Cloisters

Gloucester Cathedral - Blue Stained Glass

Gloucester Cathedral – Blue Stained Glass

Wales – Elan Valley

The Elan Valley in mid Wales is the main water source for Birmingham, England. There are some 3 reservoirs along the valley and the structures were competed in 1906. Water takes about a day and half to reach Birmingham – some 75 miles away – and gravity does all the work, no pumping required. Apart from being quite clever, the structures are visually impressive and look built to last… Engineering like this enhances the landscape – ‘tho the townships flooded ¬†out by the initial construction might not have agreed.