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Inverness and Loch Ness

Been up to Inverness before but didn’t have time to explore the loch (Loch Ness), so decided to make a trip just for this purpose.

A danger with short trips (especially to this part of the world at this time of year) is potential bad weather – but it was perfect. The light in September is stunning also – much clearer than we have down south.

Loch Ness - Hawthorn Spray

Loch Ness – Hawthorn Spray

Loch Ness

Travels this week: Glasgow Gothic

I always enjoy my visits to Glasgow; but it is a city of contrasts – sometimes not always seen on a quick visit. The signs (literally) are there if you know what to look for: ‘No football colours’ is a common one, even in city centre bars; this is about football, but also an indication of deeper divisions…

Glasgow Skyline

Glasgow Skyline

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