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I don’t often give bad reviews, but sometimes they just ask for it.

Had my second and hopefully final stay at CitizenM hotel in Glasgow last night. The location is good and that’s the only reason I stayed a second time.

Irritation on check in: credit card had been declined and therefore the booking was not pre paid; fine you might think, sort your affairs out. However, the booking had been made by one of the largest companies in the UK and placed through one of the largest booking agents in Europe, not really likely that the card had bounced is it?
Fortunately my¬†office was still open and it was sorted easily, good job I wasn’t a late arrival. CitizenM staff, whilst perfectly chatty (more about this later) were quite clear that this was out of their control and they could do nothing… Not even alert or query the details with the agent apparently, I was offered use of a phone, which is I suppose, something.

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