Time, date, maps & star maps

Solar System Scope – this does just about everything: Orrery, sky map and virtual solar system

Time and date – what it says, plus moon phases, calendars, holidays and lots more associated data

Skymap – star map

Star map – star map generator

Hubble Telescope

Mapdroyd – downloadable and therefore offline maps for anywhere in the world (Android only)


Food & drink

Supercook – recipe generator, dependent on what you’ve got in the fridge

TasteSpotting – community driven recipes



The Paperboy – Newspapers around the world

World Newspapers – links to the worlds newspapers – published in English

BBC – On this day

Michael Moore – US lobbyist and film maker

Press Article Finder – finds articles that have been in the press

Project Gutenberg – download out of copyright books and more

Religions – what they all are…

London Theatre Bookings – many tickets half price

Up My Street – Check out the neighbourhood

Urban Dictionary

Convert – just about anything

Quotes – who said that?

Info Please – Thesaurus, Dictionary, Atlas and much more

Complimentary Medicines – what they are and what they do

Art on the net – fantastic and growing collection of photos on the net

Geograph – Photos of all the UK

The Morse Resource

Snopes – urban legends, myths and truths

I want great care – rate and review Doctors in the UK

Project Gutenberg – download out of copyright books and more

British Library – turn the pages on ancient manuscripts

Candlegrove – origins of modern holidays

How to meditate

UK Net Guide


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