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Mid January sees the Sakura Cherry Blossom season in Khun Chang Kian, Chiang Mai. As with all blossom seasons, getting the right day can be hit and miss, but there should be a week or so left. The road is improved over last year, but care is still needed; its pretty much single track for the last 12km and there are potholes that could throw you.

Khun Chang Kian Sakora Cherry Blossom

Khun Chang Kian Sakora Cherry Blossom

Just over the hills to the west of Chiang Mai, some 150km, is the Phayao – pretty town in a lakeside location. Well worth an overnight visit.

Phayao - Wat Analayo - Buddha Statue

Phayao – Wat Analayo – Buddha Statue

We are now entering peak season for the Chiang Mai Cherry Blossom. You can find cherry trees on the ascent to Doi Suthep – traces of pink blossom appearing through the jungle. But for the highest density of trees you will need to go further.

Continue past Wat Parathat Doi Suthep and on to Bhuping Palace – again, go straight on for a few more kilometers until the road comes to a T-junction. Turning left at this junction will take you to the Hmong village, turning right will take you to Doi Pui – where lies the greatest concentration of cherry (Himalayan Sakura) trees.

The road after Bhuping palace can get quite rocky and you will need to be careful if travelling by motorbike – there are pot holes big enough to throw you… The road after the T-junction (mentioned above) is mostly single track and again varies in quality – even to the point of being washed away (‘tho its been pretty dry this last year).

From Wat Parathat Doi Suthep the journey to the valley with cherry blossom can be another 40 minutes – but you are rewarded with this:

Doi Pui Sakura Cherry Blossom - Chiang Mai

Doi Pui Sakura Cherry Blossom – Chiang Mai

There is another Hmong village if you continue past this valley, you can get coffee etc and its much less visited than the village near Bhuping Palace.

Songtheow will make the journey described above – so its possible to visit if you don’t have motorbike transport.

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