Angkor Wat

The main attraction on a visit to Angkor will be Angkor Wat, emblem of Cambodia and instantly recognisable. It doesn’t disappoint… Dating from the 12th C it is still the largest religious monument on earth.

Best times to visit are for the sunrise at about 5.30 am (Equinoxes 20/21 March and 22/ 23 September – sun rises directly over the central pillar), or afternoon (after 3.00pm) when the western sun is on the building rather than shining in your eyes as you enter the complex. The temple site is about a kilometer square within the moat (itself is about 200m wide) and Angkor Wat sits at the centre.

Once inside the moat you are pretty much free to wander at will, with the exception of the very upper levels of the temple; visits to this part are timed (allegedly) and you must be appropriately (modestly) dressed as there is a Buddhist shrine in there. Its a good idea to get back to the ponds at the front of the temple for the sunset, as the light against the building is very photogenic.
There are refreshment stalls here, and along side the usual tat you can buy some fairly well produced books for about $10.


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