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What is ark3?

If you have ever tried to buy a domain name you will know that it’s becoming difficult; especially if you want something short, memorable and that can be replicated in ancillary services: twitter, youtube etc…

ark3 stands for the earth, 3rd planet, the place we all live;  as interplanetary travel is unlikely any time soon, the place where everything you ever read about is, and everyone you ever heard about lives or lived…
It seems that some other folk warmed to this idea, because there are a couple of other ark3 type names out there, and someone did once offer to buy the domain.

Why are you doing this?

I’ve been lucky enough to visit many places, and many of those places more than once. I collected notes for my own use, so when the internet came along it seemed a good place to both store and share them. This site started in 2006, but the content has been on the web under different names for a few years before that.
If I have enjoyed somewhere I like to pass the information on, and if I can provide a small amount of assistance to someone planning a trip then that’s good too.

Guide books give you the facts but not always the flavour or the detail of how something works on the ground, some of this site may plug a few gaps.
I have visited many more places than are listed here, and may add details if time allows and if the content is relevant; things change quickly and it’s hard to keep up to date, particularly with recommendations.

What will I find on here?

There is a lot of travel information on ark3, the main pages are called ‘Postcards’ because I can’t claim that they are guides; they simply don’t have enough content. However, many Postcards do have material that you may find useful when planning a trip. I try to give the flavour of a place as well as information and recommendations, and hope to flesh out these postcards over time – some of them are a bit weak…

It is of course all my opinion, and you may have a different view. I try to be honest about a place and don’t usually give bad reviews; preferring to just not mention it.

Anywhere that I do recommend is because I have been there, often more than once. Actually visiting seems not to be a problem for some travel writers, you can buy a book called ‘Make Steady Money as a Travel Writer: Secrets of Selling Travel Stories-Without Traveling’ (by Jack Adler) and there was the famous case of the Lonely Planet guide to Colombia that was written without the author ever having been there… this is not what I’m about.

Anything else?

The Resources pages contain details of booking agencies for hotels, flights and some links to services and guides that may be useful, or links to things you may never have considered.
The other side of the site is what might be referred to as the blog part; these are the postings that appear on the main page and can be to do with just about anything that has caught my eye.
There will be a lot more travelling and catching up with content in the future, so check back for changes and updates.

The Random Stuff is mostly non travel related, links and videos that may be useful and entertaining; at your own risk as they say…

Traveller or tourist?

I don’t like the difference that the terms infer; ‘travellers’ often look down on ‘tourists’ or complain about ‘touristy’ places. In truth, anyone who travels is a bit of both; the Taj Mahal is a tourist trap, but you wouldn’t want to rule it out would you…

Most people can’t up sticks and set off round the world when they feel like it, they have to deal with the realities of life and fit in trips whenever they can afford. You can enjoy everywhere for what it is, there is a lot to be found in the most ordinary of places.

In terms of places to stay; I’ve done my time in hostels and managed a few five star venues as well. Both have their attractions, but also their limitations: swanky hotels can be very isolating and cut you off from the place you are in (which can be a blessing when you are just worn out), hostels can be grim, and if noisy or lacking in services then this too can spoil your trip.
Each person has their budget and levels that they will tolerate, I need running water, power and a decent bed, but I can do without a pool for a few days.

How up to date is this stuff?

As much as it can be, blog posts are all dated and I generally date the Postcards as well, although content may vary in age within the page. You should always verify information for yourself.

Are you paid for this?

No, at least not yet… Any where, any place or any service recommended is because I have used them. If something does become sponsored I will confirm this.
The stuff I read about people making a living from blogging seems far from my experience; but I would have to admit I lack the killer instinct in this respect and it is not my main purpose. The best source of income in this field seems to be selling books about how to make a living from blogging, but we will see…

Can I add comments?

No, it was attracting too much spam. I can be reached on Google+ for comment or please use the links and +1 buttons to share.

Where else are you?

Google+: andrew.ark3
twitter: @ark3
YouTube: ark3online

About me

Trained in the hospitality industry, with over 20 years experience in managing hotels, bars and restaurants, at outlet and area level. A further 10 years experience in the management of projects, logistics and people. Freelance web designer with over 12 years experience.
With this background I can offer a range of skills and will consider offers of freelance work; web related, travel related or of the mystery customer type work.
Flexible rates, depends on the job and the customer.


Hope the content is of some use to some of you and please feel free to get in touch via the contact page; I don’t bite…

But no spam please (a request in vain I fear…)

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