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As yet another big player suffers a security breach (Ebay), it really is time to consider NOT using the same password everywhere – I know many of you do… and to change some of the ones that you have in use now.

Its a good idea to give different details to sites as well – I can see no good reason why a shopping site needs to know my date of birth, apart from to confirm I am over 18 – so I usually give incorrect information, reserving the correct date for sites where it is essential to be accurate: HMRC, DVLA, banks etc.
A few years ago I was the victim of identity fraud and my correct DOB was the only thing the fraudster got wrong.

How to store all these passwords and ‘incorrect’ data? I use Password Safe. This is a PC application that creates an encrypted data file that can only be opened via the application and only with one entry password.
You can create folders within the application if you wish (ie: one for banks, one for shopping etc) and can add notes about each site/ password. The application will also generate passwords if you wish – but these are of the **vsy$jj variety and you will never remember them!

Finally… the application is also available as a phone app (Android only), and the encrypted storage files can be shared/ synced between PC and phone – so you can carry your encrypted password safe with you.

Links here:

Password Safe for PC

Password Safe for Android

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