Thai Massage

After many visits to Thailand and flirting with the dark side, it finally happened: a severe beating up in a darkened room – aka a Thai Massage…

I have a lot of massages here (£3-4 per hour, why wouldn’t you…), but being an occasional back pain sufferer have always opted for the safer and less intrusive Foot Massage; even this involves a lot of above the knee action and usually some sort of shoulder stretch at the end.
On a recent visit for a foot massage the masseuse was getting quite worked up about the state of my shoulder tension and recommended a full 2 hour session – this is what I gleaned anyway, because she is another one of those people who is convinced I speak Thai – see earlier post…

So, session was booked and the appointed hour came. After getting dressed in the favoured massage outfit of fisherman’s trousers and t shirt (optional) I attempted to convey my fears about the back trouble and due attention and concern was paid.

The massage then started and all that shit about bad backs went straight out the window. This woman is tiny, but I wouldn’t want to face her in a fight – bloody hell, I had no idea the human body had so many places to hurt. Apart from the probing, thumping and general gouging with elbows I was pulled in to positions that would make a whore blush, and certainly ones I have not been able to achieve for about 20 years.

After 2 hours – which went very quickly – I felt drained (no idea how they manage to do this several times a day) and had to just lie for a few minutes. The result? Brilliant, shoulders ache a bit, but I feel about a foot taller.

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