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In the developed world we have a distorted view of how much things cost, and to a degree what they are worth. Companies and marketing people make it this way as it’s where the big profits lie; they call it ‘added value’. Added value can take many forms: packaging, convenience, fashion, celebrity endorsement etc, and we are all susceptible to some degree.

Every now and again though, we get a wake up call; I call it the Ikea effect. Prior to Ikea in the UK, if you wanted a modern/ stylish picture frame your choices were limited and usually expensive; say Habitat and £50. Along comes Ikea and you can have it for £5… perceptions reset.
In preparation for upcoming travel I have been looking around for a SIM free phone, to take local SIMs when I arrive. I really wanted a ‘smart’ phone as the ability to store documents, bookings and maps is valuable.

After a few comparisons I settled on the Huawei Y300 and can honestly say that I have been startled by what you can get for the money, admittedly its a little chunkier than some top end models and the internal storage is a bit smaller (4Gbt, and you can add a 32Gbt card), but the performance is more than adequate for the need, and synched with PC and the main phone via Google it provides everything I need.
The price? £70 with an additional £10 for phone credit, the iPhone 5 is currently retailing at about £530 and the Samsung S3 about £300 – both unlocked.

Perceptions reset…

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