Thai traffic: the magic runs out

Yesterday I wrote a tongue in cheek post about the traffic here and the apparent lack of accidents; well last night the magic ran out for one individual.

Walking up to the main road, we heard those two unique sounds of a car accident: the screech and the sickening thud. When we arrived a few seconds later the scene was of a meeting between 2 of the most popular modes of transport in Thailand: the pick up truck and a small moped.

The moped was crushed under the front of the truck and a kid in his early 20’s was lying unconscious on the pavement. Someone was attempting CPR, but fortunately he started (or was already) breathing. That guy disappeared so we stayed with him and just tried to keep him comfortable and conscious.

There was a crowd gathering, and apparently there was a debate about whether an ambulance should be called because who would pay, before a decision had to be made I could hear a siren and one arrived – pretty quickly actually.

I think the kid will be ok, there were a few cuts and bruises and the main injury seemed to be a badly broken leg – very  misshapen below the knee. But, you can’t really tell, could be other injuries…

One thing is for sure; you will never get me on one of those mopeds (again). They offer no protection at all, and its not how good you are, its everyone else around you, those trucks are pretty big.

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