UK furniture in the 21st Century

I have never seen them, but they must be everywhere. Its surprising I have never seen them because I do travel about quite a lot. I refer of course to the massive houses that most UK citizens seem to live in – or at least seem to live in if the furniture adverts on TV are to be believed.

Some of the living rooms and kitchens on show are of aircraft hanger proportions; with furniture to match, 8 seater sofas and the like. Historians poring over this material in a few hundred years will marvel at our living arrangements, and wonder at the skills we employed to fit it all in.

Having become somewhat intrigued by one recent advert; the one that shows a massive TV set rising from the foot of a huge bed, I started measuring up to see if it would fit. It will, or at least it will if I knock through to the second bedroom (who needs it anyway).

But this kind of investment needs to be planned properly, so I might fit a row of kitchen units down the other wall, handy for the preparation of snacks. Bring in a PC stand (or one of those laptop trays) and I could just live there, in the big bed, with the massive telly going up and down.

The only thing that puts me off these arrangements is my tendency to nod off; the prospect of waking suddenly to find a twice life-size Jeremy Paxman looming at the foot of the bed is just to terrifying to contemplate.

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