What a difference a day makes

Yesterday I woke up to this

20th December 2009 - snow
20th December 2009 - snow

but today; due to the wonders of modern travel I woke up to this…

21st December 2009
21st December 2009

Isn’t travel today just wonderful…

Thanks to some cold weather, instead of flying off to the Far East, we spent 6 hours in a queue for a very under resourced ticket desk, which attempted to book alternative arrangements.

Unfortunately options were running out fast, and as there had been no attempt to priorities passengers with long journeys and or complex connections; suggested alternatives were becoming more bizarre by the minute.

Thank you KLM for a complete waste of my day, managing to loose 2 days of my holiday and also incurring on my behalf considerable extra cost.
I know that the weather is beyond their control; but once they made the decision to cancel the arrangements; wouldn’t it have been a good idea to make alternative bookings centrally and quickly – rather than leaving it to two rather frazzled employees behind a desk? Surely they must have known where everybody was planning to go.

I’m sure that this is ‘well below their usual standards’ and that they will ‘examine their procedures’ yada yada yada; all the usual clap trap that comes out when they fuck up. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing it – and we have heard it a lot in the last few days… It was 4 hours before they even offered a glass of water.

Anyway, the upshot is that we have another night at home, then a day and a night in Dubai, before finally flying on to Kuala Lumpur – where we should arrive just about 2 days late. We got off lightly compared to some others, I heard a woman bound for somewhere in China being offered a flight late on Christmas Eve; meaning another 4, unplanned, nights in the UK.

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