Hill Fort

Just came back from a couple of days in Scotland, fairly cloudy on the journey back, but you can still see some things, such as this hill fort – not sure exactly where it is, but somewhere in South Lanarkshire/ Dumfries & Galloway …

Hill Fort
Hill Fort

And on the subject of things ancient; I went to see Yes last night, at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.
My word Steve Howe looks his age (no offence), but is still the best guitarist of his generation… They sounded pretty good, and if you were a fan you should try to see them again.

I suppose it’s another age thing; but when the ticket said 7.30 start I assumed it would be OK to pitch up about 8.00, get a drink and ignore the warm up act… wrong… They must have started at 7.30, oh well… I wasn’t too much of a bother coming late; there was lots of coming and going – another age related problem I guess.
Quite surprisingly there was a large youngish element there as well; surprising because Yes are one of the groups that I think of as very much rooted in the past – you don’t hear much about them these days, and members have not really re-established themselves like some others from that time; eg Robert Plant.

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