Carbon tax/ allowance

More bloody madness; a personal carbon ration (detail here) and penalties if you go over your limit… aren’t you just sick of these stupid initiatives.
What a load of tosh; how the hell would anyone manage and police that? Oh yeah… another fabulous computer system costing several ¬£billion; which won’t work.

It is perfectly obvious that governments are not really bothered about any of this; it’s just another revenue raising ruse; all wrapped up in environmental issues to make it more palatable.

If they were serious about reducing energy usage:

  • Start the network of fast electric trains, and link them to Europe (most other European countries are pressing on with this)
  • Install effective public transport systems (trams) in all major UK cities
  • Develop a safe and comprehensive system of cycle paths in all major UK cities
  • Further discourage the use of large engined cars; triple the price of petrol (no fancy and expensive tracking systems required, allowances and credits where justified)
  • Insulate every house in the UK
  • Build alternative sources of energy supply; wind, tide, wave etc

and start all of this tomorrow…

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