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Relief… all is back to normal and the bankers are getting their bonuses again, praise the lord we are all ‘in this together’… can’t wait for my bit to drop through the letter box.

At Goldman Sachs it looks like the average this year will be £325,000 – about the amount it would take a nurse 20 years to earn… that ratio sounds about right to me, after all they are ‘out there’, risking it all to make the world keep turning…

Sweet Jesus; they had $10 billion of tax payers money last year to sort out the bloody mess they had a hand in creating – what happened to all that regulation and control that was a clause on the bail out cheque? Guess they must have had their fingers crossed.

Six months ago they would barely have been trusted to work on the pick and mix, but that’s banking for you… another Porsche anyone?

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