Malaga visit

Malaga Castillo de Gibralfaro y Catedral

Malaga Castillo de Gibralfaro y Catedral

Well that’s it, last sunshine for this year – most probably… I highly recommend this place for a quick break – it’s all very easy and manageable.

Whilst this is not a tourist resort, things seemed expensive this time; a small lager goes for somewhere between €1 and €3 depending on where you are; and this converts to being £3 to £9 per pint – which would even shock a Londoner. Most of the cost is down to the terrible exchange rate – which by the time the banks have had their cut – is about €1 to £1.

Some of the tourist resorts charge even more; which is one of the reasons why tourism to Spain is down 10% this year, with visitors from the UK 15% down.
As Spain’s biggest earner and export, this is a serious decline and the Spanish economy will suffer more than most as a consequence. Unemployment here is heading for 20% and in Andalucia is already higher, which makes it all the more surprising that the bars are full every night – with locals…
There is some low level begging (guitar players, wandering ‘flamenco’ singers) as well as some gypsy begging; but the place does not seem ‘depressed’ or hard done by, even in the off central areas – but it’s hard to see everything and maybe I just didn’t go to the right (or wrong) parts of town.

Incidentally; why do all those gypsy women flogging the heather all look the same? Same height, same build, same whinny voice… One of them came round a cafe asking for money for food; no lie; she must have been 25 stone – so she must have been doing alright. Many Spanish are superstitious and scared of gypsies – which is why they do well.

Anyway… despite the unemployment, the high prices and so on; everything seems better in the sun, and on that note; back to the UK…

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