Travelling Chavs

I’m sure I’ve moaned about this before; but it seems topical again, as some Virgin aircrew have just been sacked for calling their punters chavs with filthy habits… seems a reasonable assessment to my mind.
Many of the traveling public behave in a disgusting manner, with personal habits that would shame a sewer rat. I spend a lot of time on trains and am constantly shocked at the number of people who can afford a £140 return ticket, but apparently not a 30p pack of tissues. They sit there coughing, sneezing and mining their nasal orifices without a care in the world; cover your mouths you dirty bastards…
They seem to work on the basis that ‘I’ve got the flu,so you might as well have it too – what do I care?’

This is just another facet of the ‘me generation’ and poor behaviour is not confined to transport; its anywhere you find ‘the great unwashed’.

  • Cinemas are a venue to many unsocial habits such as kicking the seat in front, resting your feet on the headrest of the seat in front and of course partaking of the lard buffet that cinemas like to retail – giving rise to a smell like a Turkish abattoir (and actually yes; I do know what a Turkish abattoir smells like – long story)
  • Playing music on mobile phones in public areas, which twat thought that would be a good feature?
  • Bar staff who hand you your glass by holding it round the rim – just after they have been handling a suspect dishcloth or scratching their arse
  • Supermarket staff who cough as they pack your food

oh the list goes on, enough…

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