Obama Nation

So; its all over bar the shouting – and there has been plenty of that…
America is to have its first black president, but he represents more than that alone, he is seen as a new start and a break with all the crap of the last eight years – which is why this result will be a landslide and if not, will merit very thorough investigation…

We have learned some interesting things about America over the last few months:

  • There is a will amongst very annoyed people to use politics to good use; much of Obama’s staggeringly large campaign costs have been met by small donations from a lot of people.
  • There is a strong current of racism in America, and not just in the areas you might imagine.
  • They don’t seem to be very good at running elections: what the hell is all that queuing about? It looks third world.
  • Whilst the queuing looks bad; it does tell you a lot about the commitment to vote; these people want to be heard, and in record numbers.
  • Whilst there have been comments that the worst queues have been in pro Democrat and/ or poor areas (and possibly therefore an attempt to fix the result): Oprah Winfrey said that she had to queue too, and I’m guessing she don’t live ‘across 110th St’ no more…
  • Many Americans maintain a ‘bunker mentality’ and a terrible fear about the rest of the world.
    Quite a few vox pops have revealed a fear of creeping socialism and the terrible things that it might bring to the ‘land of the free’…
    Such as affordable health care, the right to earn a living wage, the right to have an election with a transparent result… presumably…

So, are we really on the edge of a new dawn? There is much to be revealed yet, and the immediate priority will be to protect America from the various shit storms blowing at the moment; this could mean that America becomes more inward looking in the short term.

Beyond that; Obama will give America a new face to the world – and hopefully show America that it doesn’t need to be so fearful and aggressive to get stuff done.

He also represents a nation much more in flux than many imagine: the black population is large and increacingly prepared to vote (witness the pre voting; to make sure they were registered), other groups are even bigger (Spanish could be the most widely spoken language in the USA within 20 years).
These people are realising that politics can work, is the best option to get stuff done, and they don’t necessarily want some 72 year old white guy tell them how its going to be…

Its an overwhelming task, let’s hope he’s up to it… Congratulations President Barack Obama.

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