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Bit of a mixed fortnight: started off badly when I was rinsing out a jar of pickled herrings; only to realise I had just eaten a Damien Hurst early work; a £50 million snack… oh well, it wouldn’t have looked very nice on the mantle…

Spent last weekend in Italy – where the credit crunch takes second place to what to have for dinner; and to my mind seems a better way of sorting things. Not having booked with either Zoom or XL Travel, the journey actually took place, but bloody hell; flying these days is a grim business and in a sector full of grimness the folk at East Midlands Airport really do push the boat out to make it even worse.
Having traveled through quite a few airports this year; I can proudly award the ‘Ark3 Shitest Airport Experience in the World Award’ to East Midlands Airport… somewhat incredibly; it gets worse every time.
On this occasion, the folk at the scanners had everyone in such a state or undress and re scanning that their belongings were through the scanner and probably off to Tenerife as someone else’s guest before you had a chance to get them back.
The WH Smith shop was staffed by one poor, uncomplaining Polish kid; while the queue of ‘people likely to miss their plane’ grew ever longer. After this point, the designers at EMA have decided to place an obstacle course (the so called Duty Free bit), between you and the final gates – adding an air of excitement as you race to the plane.
Coming back is no better; you have to go through pens a bit like cattle lining up for the gun… welcome to the UK.

Anyway… back to the point of the update: when I was changing some Euros – back to the mighty sterling – I must have been slightly distracted, because I’ve just checked the slip, and apparently I now own the Halifax Bank.
It was a bit of a worry at first; but I’ve had a tidy up and I think I can run it from the shed – as long as the garden furniture stays on the lawn.
I’m chopping those adverts for a start; they will have to get by with something a lot simpler. The savings from that will be spent on meths; and I’m going to burn those life-size cut out people they like to have scattered about the branches – they’re bloody frightening when you haven’t got your right glasses on.

Rather hilariously; I received a flyer from the Halifax this morning, offering me free financial advice and a personal review – ‘shoe somewhat on the other foot’ me thinks…
That dosy bint in the Bearwood Branch had also better look to her laurels; the one who refused Carlo a bank account ‘because Italy isn’t in the European Union’ – but that’s the education system for you (sniff)…

So; might be a busy week coming up, I’m expecting Gordon to phone any minute…

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