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To precis Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion; its high time that atheists were a bit more pushy about their beliefs – and for starters should assert that established religions do not act in their name.

For example: if we were to actively renounce the religion we were assigned to, or associated with (rather than just not bother), then the bishops in the House of Lords might be on shaky ground – they are only there because they claim to represent us.

Well; I think matters may have progressed further than Mr Dawkins allows for; it seems to me that we may have a few moles on the inside.

Flicking through The Times yesterday; I was delighted to read that the pope has decided to reorder the stations of the cross – in the process removing one saint entirely. For those of you that care; Saint Veronica – who mopped the brow of Jesus along the route – is out.

Being something of a late addition (6th century addition and not even mentioned in the bible) her tenure was deemed feeble, she did however sponsor a nice line in holy cloths – a few of which remain scattered across Europe.

These new changes have been devised by a priest librarian living in Milan who, being a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, feels he knows enough to propose this.

Fantastic… 2000 years after an alleged event, someone, somewhere, in the present day, feels they have enough knowledge and insight to change the details of what happened and who was there.

As far as I’m concerned this is great news, the more revisions the better. Every change being further proof that the whole construction is a load of tosh, edited on ‘the fly’ to suit the prevailing mood of the day.

Better still; the ‘changes’ were announced at Easter, the very time it was all supposed to happen – brilliant. If you wanted to shake peoples’ faith you couldn’t pick a better time – I told you we had a mole…

I can’t wait to see what they have lined up for late December but here’s a suggestion: religious marketing needs a bit of a boost, the relic trade has dipped badly in the last 200 odd years and I feel a revival could be in the offing – however, it needs bringing up to date.
The wise men came from the east, so how about the addition of a fourth one – and his gift could have been a Play Station – that should be worth a few bob.

Its not been easy for organised religion lately, many ‘branches’ have been pushed into corners by new or revised laws that have exposed the leaders for what they are: hypocritical, bigoted, out of touch… ‘why can’t we be a little bit prejudiced?’

Excellent; keep up the good work people…

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