Falling apart

I guess it had to happen; having almost reached 50 with in no major problems someone had to rain on the parade; so the doctor has decided that I have high cholesterol – and unlike the doctor I can spell it…

Whether this diagnosis is a real problem or the result of more vigilant government targets is unclear, there was some discussion about their expecting people to live longer, so stepping in earlier in identifying problems – but I guess I should heed the warning.

I was rather put out by the whole process; which began with a rather tatty printed summons to attend for tests. This was followed up by the receipt of a prescription; even before I had been given the results, and then being treated as a hostile witness when I dared to ask questions about the result.

The result itself was something of a surprise, as whilst I don’t claim super fitness I do consider my diet to be a fairly healthy one – full of the stuff we are supposed to eat. Nevertheless clearly something is wrong, and it needs attention.
Statins are apparently the answer and I have been given some to try. I’m also going for the softer options of porridge oats and those fancy yoghurts.

Whilst articles in the press have recently advocated statins for all age groups; l am viewing this as another stage in falling apart.

In my circle of friends and acquaintances, I can count the following over recent years:


Brain aneurysm

Triple heart by pass

Hiatus hernia

Stomach ulcer

Heliobacter stomach infection


Assorted stomach problems

Prostate issues

And more sleeping problems than you can shake a stick at – we used to be up all night; we still are; but in dressing gowns…

Overall, I guess this is to be expected – and there is much truth in the saying that ‘its better than the alternative’ – there are of course some that didn’t get this far.

So here’s to the statins, even more olive oil and otherwise carrying on as gracefully as possible.

If there is a message in this, I guess its: ‘if you want to do it do it now’ – but carry ID…

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