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Its Saturday morning and time for markets to appear in Chiang Mai. In addition to the big players of Wualai Saturday Market and the Ratchdamnoern Sunday Walking Street Market there are a couple of smaller events worth visiting:

Saturday – Nana Jungle (because its in the jungle).

8.00 am – 10.30. Features organic products, cheese, vegetarian foods and lots of fresh baked goods (Sour Dough loaves and fresh Croissants are especially popular). There are some craft and clothing stalls too. Need to get there early for the best stuff.
Location: Turn off Canal Road at the Convention Centre and follow the road almost to the end and look for the crowd.

Sunday – Sunday Morning Hangout.

10.30 – 13.00. More of a get together than a full market, but fresh bread, cheese and other items are available.
Location: Turn off Canal Road by the B2 Black hotel, follow the Soi until you get to Mountain View Condo and then turn left, about 150m at the end of this Soi go through the gates.

Both are on the listings map here

Just to the south of Chiang Rai is the famed White Temple, or Wat Rong Kun as its correctly called. The temple was built specifically to put Chiang Rai ‘on the map’ and this has been spectacularly achieved; sometimes to ill effect; there has been some controversy recently about bad behaviour of Chinese visitors and in particular their bathroom habits… so bad that the owner of the temple recently banned them for a few days.

The temple closes at 5.00pm and I was too late to go in, on the plus side I got some photos without hordes of people swarming about.

Wat Rong Khun

Wat Rong Khun

A similar distance as the White Temple is south of Chiang Rai, to the north is Baan Dam (Black House), this is not a temple (as it is sometimes labelled) but rather and art park built by a local artist (now deceased). This is as equally impressive as the White Temple and well worth a visit, signage from the highway is poor so use a sat nav to find it. The Black House is open 9 to 17.00, but closes for an hour 12 – 13.00.

Near the northern tip of Thailand and on the banks of the Mekong, Thailand, Burma and Laos meet – this is The Golden Triangle.

I didn’t cross any borders, but the Thai side was worth a stay over, and would be worth an overnight on a future trip. A wide selection of accommodation and restaurants gives the place a resort feel, with boat trips on the Mekong and a Museum of Opium to fill out a day.

The Burmese and Laos banks are dedicated to gambling, with a huge casino complex on the Lao side – aimed completely at Chinese visitors (China being about 200km to the north); I wonder at the state of the toilets there…

Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle

Mae Sai is the most northerly Thai town and a border post to Burma – many come here for a visa extension. Its also a huge market town with goods from the north; not really anything you can get elsewhere but worth a wander around.

Borders have always held a fascination for me; strange to think that in such a short distance so much can change. In the image below (taken in the car park), the fence is in Thailand, the buildings are in Burma; so near and yet so far…

Golden Triangle - Mae Sai

Golden Triangle – Mae Sai

Final stop on the way back south: Choui Fong Tea Plantation.

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